Filling vacancies with quality tenants is one of the most crucial aspects of property management. Since so many renters are now turning to social media as a way to hunt for apartments and rental homes, property management companies like Keyrenter Elite in St. George are taking advantage of these platforms as well. With that in mind, let us consider some clever ways that you can use social media to your benefit.

1. Answer Questions about Your Area on Twitter

People considering an area or moving into a new area often have questions, and Twitter has become an excellent platform for getting answers. Being able to key on terms like St. George is a great help. Starting out, you’ll need to hunt for questions to answer. Try to answer at least several each day. As your account becomes more recognized, followers will redirect questions to your account.

2. Create a Blog that Focuses on Local Living

A blog is another way that you can establish yourself as a local authority somewhere within the property management domain. If you choose to field tweets on Twitter, you can create synergy between your Twitter account and your blog as well. Emphasize an area where you shine. It doesn’t have to be about renting properties. Perhaps you excel at do-it-yourself home decor on budget and can focus on that.

3. Design a Facebook Page Specifically for Tenants

Like Keyrenter Elite, you’re a business, and you should have a business-focused Facebook account that’s separate from your personal account. However, you don’t have to limit yourself to professional details. Imagine a Facebook wall that gives your tenants a place to network and provides them with local updates and other tidbits of useful information. If you also have a Twitter account or a blog, then you can drive potential tenants here and show them firsthand how well your current tenants are treated.

4. Take Advantage of Google+

Google+ may just seem like a Facebook competitor at first glance, but it’s actually much more than that and can be used to complement a Facebook presence. Images do particularly well on Google+, and all of the online resources you link to it will improve your search engine relevancy. Search engines are powerful tools even for companies like Keyrenter Elite that focus on a specific area like St. George. In addition, Google Hangouts can be a great resource for communicating with an out-of-towner who’s a potential tenant and even providing him or her with a video walkthrough of your property.

5. Establish Expertise on a Site Like Quora

Local experts are in high demand on resources like Quora. It can take some time to establish yourself, but that effort is worth it because it’s an excellent way to market yourself and drive traffic to the resources that you provide. An alternative option is to become a contributor on websites, blogs and social media platforms that have a local focus. Contributions don’t have to be articles. You can make your presence felt by writing well-informed comments.