One of the biggest complaints of renters is that they feel isolated. They might be new to the area and would love to meet their neighbors. It can be tough with residents having different schedules. As the landlord, you can encourage the Sense of Community with Your Residents. They’ll care more about the property as well as each other when they have that community involvement. Here are some ideas of things to get your residents more involved with each other.

1. Contests

Friendly competition can get residents out of their homes. For Halloween, you could have a door decorating competition. People who live in apartments don’t often have the opportunity to decorate like homeowners do. A Utah property management company can oversee the contest and award a small prize to the winner.

2. Balcony Parties

Even if you don’t have a common room for parties, you could hold balcony parties where everyone is on their balcony at the same time. They can enjoy cooking out, sharing meals and enjoying drinks together. It’ll eventually spill out into the courtyard or lawn, which isn’t a bad thing for the community.

3. Community Garden

If you have the space you might want to consider a community garden. You can tag some volunteers to do the planting and harvesting, or you can allow residents to pick what they need based on how much they contribute. The residents might decide to donate the fresh produce to a local food pantry instead.

4. Monthly Events

Each month, property management companies in Utah can hold events. Those events might even be across a few properties to foster a larger sense of community within the city itself. It could be any kind of event from wine tastings to craft fairs to potluck dinners.

5. Community Watch

When people are looking out for each other, that can create a sense of fellowship and caring. That’s the essence of community and feeling like you belong. While Keyrenter Elite of St. George  is always concerned about residents’ safety, a community watch program will give residents a sense of purpose and responsibility to their fellow residents. You might be able to invite local law enforcement for a meeting too.

6. Monthly Newsletter

A monthly newsletter will help keep events on a calendar as well as make residents feel that sense of community involvement. Include content that residents will find interesting including local events in the larger community. New residents to the area will appreciate it. It could detail local flea markets, monthly movie nights or even recipes from the other residents.

While it might take some extra effort, creating a sense of community with your residents will help with tenant retention. They’re more likely to stick around when they feel like part of a community. They’ll become more loyal to each other and the property. Tenants will begin to look forward to the newsletter as well as the events. You will probably get some volunteers for most of the work too.