As a landlord, you trust your tenant to adhere to terms of your lease and take proper care of your property. Whether the property is an apartment, condo, or a single-family house, your tenant should adhere to the following renter responsibilities.

What Are Renter Responsibilities?

Pay rent on time

Of course, paying rent on time is the primary renter’s responsibility. The amount and due date should be outlined in the lease agreement. Forgetting to pay on time can cause the landlord to use all or part of the security deposit to cover the unpaid rent.

Follow to the lease agreement

When a tenant signs a lease agreement, he or she is agreeing to adhere to the terms. Common lease terms typically include:

  • Amount of rent
  • Length of lease
  • Move-out requirements
  • Non-payment or late payment conditions

Maintain the premise

Landlords want to find tenants who keep their property looking in tip-top shape. Renters must keep their living area safe and clean.

Allow the landlord to enter the property

The landlord has every right to enter the property. However, there are certain rules that apply to both landlord and renter.

Dispose of all garbage

Garbage, debris, and waste should not accumulate inside or outside the property. Tenants are responsible for safely disposing of all garbage.

Maintain plumbing and electric fixtures

A vital component of being a quality property manager is to ensure tenants have access to all the necessary things they need. Plumbing and electrical upgrades and maintenance are often handled by the tenant, but there are situations where a property manager will need to step in and make necessary changes. Tenants can normally handle light bulb changes, but extensive repairs must be done by a property manager to ensure it is safe and done correctly.

Use amenities and appliances in a reasonable manner

While most tenants are respectful of the place they live, there are some that simply do not obey common courtesy. It is important to clearly discuss all the expectations you have as a property manager for your tenants. Tenants are expected to use amenities and appliances in a reasonable manner to avoid damage and other problems.

Follow buildings and housing codes

Tenants are expected to understand the city codes related to any modification and usage of the property. While most tenants do not start altering the property without the consent of the property owner, there are some that always tend to break the rules. Another concern is tenants that do not obey city regulations such as parking in the driveway and not in the street for certain times of the year. Tenants are also expected to avoid inviting additional people to move in with them without approval.

Refrain from illegal drugs

A good tenant will be a law-abiding citizen and will not engage in the usage of illegal drugs. Good renters know the importance of having a clear record and obeying the law.

Notify landlords before they alter the property

Any time a tenant wants to make changes to the property, they must notify the property owner. A simple paint touch-up may not seem like a major issue, but it does need to be approved before it is done.

The renter’s responsibility is important to disclose any time you are bringing in new tenants. Working with Key Renter Elite is one of the best ways to avoid the common headaches and hassle that often come with property ownership. Call Keyrenter Elite today for more information!