In many apartments, space is often limited and the apartment soon looks cluttered after everything you have is moved in. However, you can quickly change how cluttered your apartment looks by simply using the vertical space in it to your advantage. The following are some great tips for using your vertical space in interior design and decoration which will leave you feeling a little more organized.

Vertical Shelving and Bookcases

Your wall space is the perfect place to store your items and bookcases are no longer just for books. A bookcase in the kitchen is the perfect place to store food or one in the bathroom can store your towels and other linens. Shelving is an affordable way to make more room in your apartment and get rid of your clutter.

Racks in Your Closets

Your closet is probably the one room in your home with the most wasted space. For items that you do not need all of the time, such as rolls of wrapping paper, simply place a few wooden dowels at the top between the walls and then place long items, such as wrapping paper tubes on top of them. You could also do this on the side of your closet using the dowels to fence them in.

Kitchen Ceiling Space

The kitchen is often the most overcrowded room in your apartment. With so many pots and pans, it makes sense to get a ceiling rack. Pots and pans will be easy to access and it will quickly free up your cupboard space.

Knobs and Hooks

You also can add knobs and hooks to just about anything to add more hanging space. Hooks on the side of your kitchen cupboards will make a great area to hang your dish towels and potholders or even extra cooking utensils.

Vertical space is usually wasted space. Most people living in an apartment do not utilize this space well enough. You can easily hang your bike on a hook placed in the ceiling or on the wall. You can free up valuable real estate elsewhere by simply being creative with shelving, hooks, and knobs. Of course, before you start placing hooks and knobs all over your apartment, be sure to check with your apartment manager on what is and is not allowed to do when you’re planning your interior design and decoration.