How is the St. George Rental Market

Real estate in St. George is growing positively, with many people picking up real estate rental properties. In the past decade, home appreciation in St. George is up by 14.5%. Rental prices tend to follow the real estate market, and when the home sales are up, rental rates are up as well. Rent prices have…

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Things to Consider When Buying A Residential Investment Property

investment property

Are you planning to strengthen your investment portfolio with some investment property? Buying, fixing, and renting property is not always as cut and dry as it seems. Many investors find great deals, only to find themselves struggling to keep tenants and to effectively manage the property. What should you consider before you go out and…

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Top 10 Renter Responsibilities

Renter Responsibilities

As a landlord, you trust your tenant to adhere to terms of your lease and take proper care of your property. Whether the property is an apartment, condo, or a single-family house, your tenant should adhere to the following renter responsibilities. What Are Renter Responsibilities? Pay rent on time Of course, paying rent on time…

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Renting vs Buying: Which is the Better Option?

Renting vs Buying

Houses are among the biggest investments for adults. That is why it is important to carefully study the two options of renting vs buying and go for the one that is most convenient for your situation. No single option is best for everyone, but most people will find renting a lot cheaper and more convenient…

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How to Evict a Tenant: Guide to the Process

How to Evict a Tenant

As the landlord, you own the property, but that doesn’t mean you can throw a tenant out of your property without following proper procedures. If you’re wondering how to evict a tenant from your property in the correct way, this guide should help. If you were to use a property management company in Washington, you…

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Finding the Right Loans for Rent in St. George

loans for rent

With the gloomy economic times facing the country, meeting rental bills can be a daunting task. Accessing affordable loans for rent could be the difference between living in your comfortable apartment and being thrown to the streets.   Are you earning substantial income to manage regular rental bills but you’re unable to foot the high…

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