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St. George

Partnering with a Property Manager in St. George

By choosing a trustworthy property manager, you’ll protect the health of your home. At Keyrenter, we work diligently to help our clients succeed. We’re attentive and determined, and we’re committed to keeping our customers profitable. We strive to streamline operations, save you money, and maintain tenant satisfaction. Our affordable management packages have helped homeowners across the nation to maximize their property’s potential.

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Santa Clara

Santa Clara, Utah is a small community of just over 6,000 residents. The town was first settled in the 1850s by Jacob Hamblin, a missionary serving the Mormon church. Many cultural and historic sites dating from this time period can still be found in modern Santa Clara, including the Jacob Hamblin House, which serves as a museum documenting much of the town’s history.Santa Clara largely serves as a bedroom community for workers commuting to other areas of Washington County. The quaint cityscape includes a number of beautiful parks and the Santa Clara Historical District. The city’s low crime rate and family-friendly atmosphere makes it a popular destination for new residents in the St. George Metropolitan area—Santa Clara has even been recognized as one of the safest towns in Utah by SafeWise.

In the new millennium, southern Utah has experienced impressive residential growth. At one point, the region was among the fastest-growing areas in the United States. This growth has contributed to an influx in new residents, creating a unique opportunity for local homeowners and investors looking to reap the financial benefits of residential rentals.

Choosing a Local Property Manager

Whether you’re an independent homeowner looking for a helping hand with your home in Santa Clara, or you’re a busy real estate investor searching for a management partner, Keyrenter St. George is ideally positioned to help you meet your goals. Our local staff understands the unique challenges of the rental market in Santa Clara, UT and we utilize an assortment of powerful resources to help our clients succeed. From finding the right renters to addressing maintenance concerns, we’re always working to keep our customers and tenants satisfied.

As part of the Keyrenter family, we benefit from training and resources that have helped countless homeowners across the nation to maximize the potential of their rental portfolios. Isn’t it time you experience the same great service that has led so many others to entrust their residential properties to Keyrenter?

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Seated in the eastern portion of Washington County, Hurricane, Utah is a small community of approximately 14,000 residents. The town traces its roots back to 1896, when it was settled by Mormon missionaries and used as an agricultural region. For many years, the Hurricane Canal served farmers in the area, allowing Hurricane to produce a bounty of fruit and nuts. Modern Hurricane abuts St. George and offers a number of educational and shopping destinations for residents of the St. George Metropolitan Area.Throughout the 1970s, Hurricane saw a steady increase in the number of new residents moving to the area. Commercial development continued alongside this population growth, and today Hurricane is home numerous chain stores, restaurants, and small businesses. The area has an extremely low crime rate, and hosts a number of events and festivals for residents and visitors each year.

Find the Best Hurricane, UT Property Manager

When it comes to your residential property, don’t entrust your home to just any property manager. Keyrenter St. George offers a number of solutions for property investors and homeowners in Hurricane, Utah. As part of the Keyrenter network, our staff benefits from the extensive experience of our property specialists across the nation. We deploy a number of proven techniques to deliver results for clients in southern Utah, including our 13-point tenant screening process.

Choosing a property manager is not only a convenient option for your property, but it can save you both time and money. With real estate experts at your side, you’ll no longer struggle with the challenges of DIY management. Instead, you can count on us to keep your tenants satisfied, deliver sustainable earnings, and protect the health of your investment for years to come.

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A quaint community with approximately 20,000 local residents, Washington, Utah sits in the heart of Dixie. Like many other communities in southern Utah, Washington was originally settled by Mormon pioneers. Washington City was the first settlement in the virgin basin, and was once known for its cotton milling plant. In recent years, Washington’s population has grown immensely, doubling in the new millennium.Washington, UT’s charm can be found in its family-friendly neighborhoods and historic streets. The city is dotted with parks offering stunning panoramas of the surrounding desert. National parks in the area offer recreational opportunities for visitors and residents to enjoy, and the city hosts many events throughout the year to foster Washington’s unique community spirit.

Investing in Washington City, Utah Properties

Population growth has made it appealing to invest in residential homes in Washington. As housing needs have grown, the city has seen a modest increase in property values. Many landlords find apartments and single family homes to be a lucrative means of generating passive income.

Of course, managing a residential property requires continual attention and care. Partnering with a professional property manager in Washington City is a smart move for homeowners who don’t want the stress of maintaining the property. Not only is professional management a convenient alternative to the DIY approach, but a property expert can also help save landlords money.

Choose Your Property Manager in Washington

Keyrenter has helped countless property owners to maximize the value of their investments. With offices across the nation, our proven property management strategy generates impressive results. Our team understands the challenges of the real estate market in Washington City, and we work to meet the financial goals of our clients.

From our 13-point tenant screening process to our ridiculously low eviction rate, Keyrenter is the savvy choice for homeowners looking for a trustworthy partner. Ready to get started? Call us today to schedule a free consultation with a member of our team: (435) 414-6600.


Once home to the Paiute people, Ivins is a community in southern Utah. For those seeking the charm and safety of small town America, few options are better than Ivins, Utah. Just over 7,000 residents live in Ivins, though the community’s position in the St. George metropolitan area provides easy access to the amenities of the region’s larger cities. Originally known as Santa Clara Bench, Ivins was renamed in honor of Anthony W. Ivins, a Mormon apostle.Local points of interest in Ivins, Utah include the Kayenta Desert Community, a master-planned community with over 2,000 properties.

Real Estate in Ivins

Washington County has seen a steady increase in population over the course of the past decade, which has helped drive to new residents to Ivins. Many landlords interested in growing their portfolio have purchased rental properties in Ivins. The affordable rent, safe neighborhoods, and undeniable charm of small town life all make Ivins an attractive destination.

Whether you already own property in Ivins, or you’re considering making a new purchase, working with a trusted property manager is a smart choice. Property managers work to save you money, streamlining operations and handling the day-to-day management needs of the property. Best of all, professional management can even save you money each month.

How to Choose an Ivins Property Manager

When it comes to partnering with a local property manager, it’s important to find a trustworthy firm with the experience necessary to keep your property in great shape. Keyrenter has helped countless homeowners across the United States by providing property management that exceeds expectations. With offices in many metropolitan cities, Keyrenter’s staff in Washington County have access to unbeatable training, insight, and support from some of the nation’s top real estate experts.

Keyrenter works to meet our clients financial goals, while simultaneously protecting the homes we manage against bad tenants. Our 13-point tenant screening process helps us find the best renter for our customers, and our efficient office staff responds to requests quickly. From making repairs to handling incoming rental payments, Keyrenter has you covered.

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Cedar City

Cedar City is a vibrant city in southern Utah and the home to notable institutions like Southern Utah University. With a population of 30,000, Cedar City was formerly the location of some of the state’s largest iron mines. After the mines were closed in the 1800s, Cedar City focused on agricultural activities, with sheep farming becoming a major source of revenue for local residents. Today, Cedar City’s economy revolves around tourism and home construction.Along with several other communities in southern Utah, Cedar City has experienced notable population growth in the past several decades. In spite of this change, Cedar City has retained the charm of its historic roots. The Cedar City Historic District serves as a focal point of the modern community, and events like the Utah Shakespeare Festival contribute to the city’s appeal.

Investing in Cedar City Properties

With some 8,000 students enrolled in academic classes, Southern Utah University supplies a large number of renters for local property owners each year. Many families, couples, and retirees are also renters in Cedar City. This strong housing demand has helped foster a healthy investment opportunity for property owners in the area.

Of course, residential properties require plenty of attention. From finding the right tenants to handling maintenance, repairs, and monthly billing needs, many property owners find themselves overwhelmed by the responsibilities of DIY management. Professional property management can help fill in the gap.

Partnering with a Property Manager in Cedar City

By choosing a trustworthy property manager, you’ll protect the health of your home. At Keyrenter, we work diligently to help our clients succeed. We’re attentive and determined, and we’re committed to keeping our customers profitable. We strive to streamline operations, save you money, and maintain tenant satisfaction. Our affordable management packages have helped homeowners across the nation to maximize their property’s potential.

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